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Table for Bath boards; removable (go back to list of products)

Product NameSeatHandlesFixationDimensions
For individual product details click on the product nameType: perforated (P); slatted (S); perforated option (PO); slatted option (SO); either (E)PaddedBoard attached handleSuction padsAdjustable bracketsCapacity (kg)Weight (kg)Width (cm)Depth (cm)Price (£)
Adjustable Bath BenchPXX1903703040
Adjustable Bath Seat BoardPXX1332.2693327
Ariel Adjustable Bath BoardS1361.950-6730
Atlantis Shower BoardXXX1273704847
Bath BoardPXX1001.5682836
Bath Board Slatted With HandleSXØX190166; 69; 712332
Bath Board With HandlePX190713241
Bath Board With HandlePX15941-622630
Bath Board With HandlePXX1902713226
Bexley Heavy Duty BoardPXXX2004673136
Brighton Bath BoardPXXX1905693228
Cosby BathboardXXX190; 3003712922
Derby Bathboard Mark 2PXX1902713127
Etac Fresh Bath Board With HandlePXX130369; 742851
Etac Fresh Bath BoardsPXØX1501.5; 1.669; 743624
Etac Rufus Plus Bath BoardPXØX160, 2001.8; 2.168; 733040
Etac Rufus Plus High Capacity Bath BoardPXX2002.168; 733047
Homecraft Plastic Covered Bath BoardXXX127267; 69; 7321; 3150
Invisia Bath Bench2277528299
Kingfisher Bath BoardSXØX2003692617
Marina BathboardPXX1501.669; 743330
Medeci Adjustable Width Bath BoardSXØX2853.566-762916
Medeci Bath BoardSXXX140267; 70; 722326
Medina Bath BoardSXØX159266; 69; 712319
Merlin ShowerboardSXØX190366; 69; 713820
Myco Adjustable Width Bath BoardPXØ19066-763033
Nuvo Moulded Bath BoardPXX190267; 712717
Nuvo Slatted Bath BoardsSXØX1902min 67, max 72min 27, max 3422
Padded Bath BoardXX127267; 732445
Perforated Metal Bath BoardPXXX1905683026
Plastic Slatted Bath BoardSXØX190266; 69; 712316
Savanah Shower BoardSXØX190366; 69; 71; 763618
Savanah Slatted Bath BoardSXØX190266; 69; 71; 7623; 3518
Slatted Bath BoardSXXX15966; 69; 712423
Surefoot Bath-shower Board With Support HandlePX2002.5693323
Wooden Slatted Bath BoardSXXX159167; 722320
  • ✔ = Standard,
    Ø = Option
  • x = Feature not available
  • - = Information not available
  • m-m - Made-to-measure
  • POA = Price on application
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